HeaLED Therapy Solutions – Combined treatment with Hydrotherapy

HeaLED Therapy Solutions – Combined treatment with Hydrotherapy

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Helping - Aging/Active/Anxious/Accident-prone Pets

When choosing therapy options for your pet, be rest assured that HeaLED Light Therapy can be combined with every modality to help your Pet live a Happy, Healthy Life.

What is Hydrotherapy?

As with humans who are in pain or have suffered an injury, Hydrotherapy is a popular choice for rehabilitation and recovery. Hydrotherapy utilises the non-weight bearing properties of water, in a controlled environment. Using either an underwater treadmill or swimming pool can reduce pressure through joints whilst simultaneously improving cardiovascular fitness, function and movement.

Pool SessionsPool sessions involve your pet swimming with no concussive forces on their limbs. Some hydro pools may be fitted with jets and the hydrotherapist will discuss if this is appropriate for your dog. In many cases, healthy dogs may use the pool to improve cardiovascular fitness so the added turbulence provided by jets may be useful for conditioning canine athletes such as those who participate in flyball or agility.

Treadmill – An underwater treadmill can be used to target muscle groups or different limbs. It also allows therapists to access movement and review how your dog walks, known as ‘gait analysis’. It is particularly useful for neurological cases - when dogs have to re-learn to walk. There are incline/decline settings as well as changing the level of the water to target specific joints.

When should I use Hydrotherapy?

A trained Hydrotherapist will help dogs post-surgery, after an injury or in preparation for events such as Agility and Flyball. The warm water properties help reduce inflammation and pain. It also improves the joint range of motion, helps weight loss and increases fitness levels in a controlled, safe environment, plus most dogs love water!

Hydrotherapy can be beneficial for almost all dogs.  There are a few contraindications such as if your dog has an open wound, they obviously can't be in the water.  There may also be some health conditions for example, uncontrolled seizures which would need to be discussed with your vet and hydrotherapist.

What do therapists advise after each treatment?

Kelly Johnston-Shaw, a trained Vet-Physio and hydrotherapist at the Yorkshire Canine Therapy Centre,  advises keeping your dog warm straight after they leave the pool and wearing a drying coat can help. When they get home, Kelly also explains the importance of regular movement; "This is especially important for older dogs who might want a long snooze - regular movement every few hours will ensure they are more comfortable post session"

How often should my dog have Hydrotherapy and how much does it cost?

Every dog is different, and your hydrotherapist will discuss how frequently they feel your dog needs hydrotherapy based on their own individual needs. Depending upon the nature of the ailment and fitness level, hydrotherapy is an excellent choice for improving mobility, muscle mass, fitness, and stamina. All Therapists and Centres vary, the average price is £45/session and a course of 10 sessions is usually advised initially for rehabilitation, and a re-assessment made after 10 sessions.

How do I combine HeaLED?

HeaLED Therapy is safe and non-invasive. It is perfect to use in-between Hydrotherapy sessions every day and up to 3 times/day. Light therapy improves blood flow and energy production in the cells. It will help get the best out of all physical therapies by helping your pet’s recovery on a daily basis. Using HeaLED every day is a great routine to improve your pet’s quality of life, prevent injury and help recovery from surgery.

How do I find a Qualified Hydrotherapist?

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