It all started here

It all started here

CEO Sue D’Arcy founded iSmart Developments Ltd in 2018, when she saw the opportunity to develop specialist LED devices for the growing home treatment market. Since that time the company has enjoyed significant growth and has expanded its range of products and services, working with leaders in both the cosmetic and medical sectors. Thousands of iSmart’s award-wining products have been sold globally.

With over 25 years of experience in the LED field, Sue knew that these products could also help our pets and wanted to extend our expertise and invent a device just for animals. The company DermaWrap Ltd was formed which in turn has created this exciting new pain relief product. The HeaLED Wrap for Pets is the latest addition to the range.

DermaWrap is part of the Ismart.Health Group and HeaLED for pets is the latest addition to the range.

Our Mission

At HeaLED, we're passionate pet enthusiasts who understand the distress of seeing our animals in discomfort and pain. Driven by this, we applied our expertise in light therapy technology to create something special for our furry friends. The result is our innovative HeaLED Wrap and Coat for Pets – a user-friendly, wearable, affordable solution designed for pet owners to use at home. These products not only enhanced wound healing and arthritis relief but also relax muscle tissue, amongst numerous other benefits. Overall, our mission is to improve the well-being of pets (big and small), making a positive impact in their lives.

HeaLED Designed by professionals

Sue and her team have been involved in the development of light emitting diode technology for both aesthetic and medical indications, pioneering the first major clinical studies to identify the light parameters for the successful treatment of acne, wrinkles, non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) and wound healing.

Sue’s team were instrumental in the first LED device FDA cleared for home use for the treatment of cold sores (ViruLite) and continue their record of success to the present day where iSMARTs LED technology is being tested in clinical studies for many novel medical indications including treatment for COVID-19.

What other pet owners are saying...

Recommends HeaLED

"My Siberian Husky Skye has had cruciate damage to her back knees... I brought the wrap to see if this would help along with her pain medication and only been using for 2 weeks and have already seen a difference ... the best 20 mins we spend every evening ..."

— Lyn Blandford

Absolutely thrilled with the large pad…

27 December 2023

“Absolutely thrilled with the large pad we ordered. Our 1y dog has hip dysplasia and within the first few minutes of using it his joint his whole body relaxed and he fell asleep. It's auto switch off after 10 minutes is super handy as I then know when to switch sides without having to clock watch. It's easy to charge and store in the box again. Would definitely have another!!”

— Lisa

Great product

26 December 2023

"Great product, fast delivery and well packaged"

— Caroline Sheppard

Excellent product

19 December 2023

"Excellent product, easy to use and is making a difference to our dogs arthritis in his front legs."

— Rebecca Blaxill

Good product and customer services

15 December 2023

"This has helped my dog. I bought it not knowing if my dog would wear it, but I just rest it by his knee when he is calm and it works great. One light didn't work on my wrap but it was quickly replaced."

— GC

So far so good

13 December 2023

"We have bought a coat for our 15 yo girl with arthritis. After about a week of using the device twice daily (sometimes three times), she started move more easily and her body is generally less stiff than before. It’s still a long way ahead of us, but so far so good."

— Miss Joanna Mirka

Recommends HeaLED

"This is a lovely company to deal with. I had a problem and sent a message at 7.30pm Saturday evening expecting them to pick it up on Monday, but they responded straight away and sorted the issued for me…! My dog loves having it put on her and I believe it helps her arthritis greatly. If you have any doubts just give it a go, it is a great product.All reactions:11"

— Lynn Hobbs