Discover the benefits of Light Therapy for your pet.

Experience the healing benefits of HeaLED Red Light Therapy.
Designed in the UK specifically for our pets.

Is your beloved pet suffering from joint pain, mobility or healing issues, such as arthritis, hip dysplasia, anxiety or post-op issues? Discover a clinically proven, non-invasive and drug-free solution that works seamlessly alongside other treatments. Our Red Light Therapy technology is specifically designed for dogs, cats, and all your cherished pets. It's not just a pet owner's choice; it's recommended by vets.

Discover the long-lasting benefits of Red Light Therapy for your pet's health and well-being with HeaLED.

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Clinically Proven, User-Friendly LED Red Light Therapy
Immediate, drug-free relief from joint and muscle inflammation

Reduce Pain

Increase Mobility

Improve Healing

Relieve Joint Pain & Stiffness

Light therapy targets deep within joints, alleviating pain and stiffness for enhanced comfort and mobility.

Drug-free, Natural Healing

A holistic approach to healing, our therapy offers a safe, natural alternative to medication.

Enhance Blood Circulation

Regular light therapy stimulates blood flow, continuing its beneficial effects even after each session concludes.

Calm & Relax Anxious Pets

The soothing effects of light therapy help in calming and relaxing pets, reducing anxiety and stress.

Promote Skin and Coat Health

Red light therapy nurtures skin health, leading to a healthier, more radiant coat for your pet.

Speed Up Recovery

Accelerate your pet’s recovery and ease post-surgery discomfort, ensuring a quicker return to health.

Give your pet the ongoing comfort they deserve with HeaLED, minus any unwanted side effects


How It Works


How It Works

The Science Simplified

Red and infrared light therapy harnesses specific light wavelengths to support your pet's natural healing processes. By using red (633nm) and infrared (830nm) light, this therapy penetrates different tissue depths, aiding in tissue repair, reducing pain, and creating an anti-inflammatory response. It's a method backed by extensive clinical research, now widely used in veterinary practices and for home care.

These specific wavelengths interact with cells to enhance healing and pain relief. They stimulate the cells responsible for repair and recovery, speeding up the healing process and reducing discomfort more effectively.

To find out more, see our How it Works page.


Meet Dr Siobhan Menzies


“Having used laser for many years in our pain clinics, I was already convinced about the power of photobiomodulation in pain management and wound healing. A client approached me about using a HeaLED wrap for her dog and so I contacted the company to investigate the product. I was impressed by their scientific approach and since then, we have trialled the HeaLED therapy Wraps and Coats on a number of patients. The majority of our clients have been so impressed that most have gone on to purchase them. It’s always great to find a safe and effective modality that clients can use at home in between vet visits.”


Meet UK Vet Rebecca O’Brien

“Every time I recommend HeaLED, the results are fantastic! Everything from quality to price is excellent. I am thrilled with these products”.

What other pet owners are saying...

Recommends HeaLED

"My Siberian Husky Skye has had cruciate damage to her back knees... I brought the wrap to see if this would help along with her pain medication and only been using for 2 weeks and have already seen a difference ... the best 20 mins we spend every evening ..."

— Lyn Blandford

Absolutely thrilled with the large pad…

27 December 2023

“Absolutely thrilled with the large pad we ordered. Our 1y dog has hip dysplasia and within the first few minutes of using it his joint his whole body relaxed and he fell asleep. It's auto switch off after 10 minutes is super handy as I then know when to switch sides without having to clock watch. It's easy to charge and store in the box again. Would definitely have another!!”

— Lisa

Great product

26 December 2023

"Great product, fast delivery and well packaged"

— Caroline Sheppard

Excellent product

19 December 2023

"Excellent product, easy to use and is making a difference to our dogs arthritis in his front legs."

— Rebecca Blaxill

Good product and customer services

15 December 2023

"This has helped my dog. I bought it not knowing if my dog would wear it, but I just rest it by his knee when he is calm and it works great. One light didn't work on my wrap but it was quickly replaced."

— GC

So far so good

13 December 2023

"We have bought a coat for our 15 yo girl with arthritis. After about a week of using the device twice daily (sometimes three times), she started move more easily and her body is generally less stiff than before. It’s still a long way ahead of us, but so far so good."

— Miss Joanna Mirka

Recommends HeaLED

"This is a lovely company to deal with. I had a problem and sent a message at 7.30pm Saturday evening expecting them to pick it up on Monday, but they responded straight away and sorted the issued for me…! My dog loves having it put on her and I believe it helps her arthritis greatly. If you have any doubts just give it a go, it is a great product.All reactions:11"

— Lynn Hobbs

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