Healed Light Therapy Wrap

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

2 Year Warranty

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Reduce Pain | Improve Mobility | Increase Healing
  • Relieve Minor Muscle and Joint Discomfort
  • Ease Arthritis and Muscle Spasms
  • Improve Joint Flexibility and Reduce Stiffness
  • Enhance Muscle Relaxation for Soothing Relief
  • Includes 2 Year Warranty
  • Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot
  • Simple & effective Light Therapy for Pets to reduce pain, improve mobility and increase healing
    The HeaLED innovative, vet-recommended Light Therapy Wraps & Coats deliver effective light treatments to manage your pet's pain, boost healing, and increase mobility - completely drug-free and non-invasive.

    Our clinically-proven red and near infrared wavelengths safely reduce inflammation that causes joint & muscle issues and prompts tissue repair whether from injury, arthritis or illness. The soothing light therapy replicates results once only possible from professional lasers (whilst saving on any ongoing costs).

    Benefits include:

    • Significantly decreases pain and swelling
    • Accelerates natural healing process
    • Greater mobility from arthritis and injuries
    • A portable, at-home professional-grade solution

    Both our Light Therapy Coats and Wraps are wearable and can simply be adjusted with the attached Velcro straps. Our Wraps can also be used as a handheld device for hard to reach or awkward areas on our pets. Our Coats can also function as a 'blanket' and be laid on top of our pets for the ultimate comfort and coverage of major muscle groups.

    Ease of Use - Automatic Timer
    All HeaLED products are timed to automatically turn off after 10-minutes when the precise dosage has been given, ensuring the perfect treatment time for your furry friend. This also gives you peace of mind that the products will not stay on if you leave them unattended.

    Safe Treatment
    HeaLED provides LED powered low level, professional light therapy treatments from home. By using specially designed, modern LED lights, we deliver the same therapeutic benefits found in professional lasers without the side-effects and cost of laser light treatment - Our LEDs are both safe and proven to be effective.

    Rechargable & Portable
    All of our HeaLED products are battery powered and rechargable, using the latest USB-C technology. Simply charge with the supplied USB cable in any standard plug and let your pet enjoy the powers of Red Light Therapy.

    Explore the advantages of our Light Therapy products for Pets – a natural, drug-free, and non-invasive solution designed to assist with:

    - Arthritis management
    - Alleviation of Hip Dysplasia discomfort
    - Healing for Muscle Strains & Sprains
    - Recovery from Nerve Injuries
    - Support for Post-op Care
    - Relief for various Skin Conditions
    - Reduction of Stress & Anxiety
    - Joint Pain relief
    - Reduction of Inflammation
    - Acceleration of Wound Healing
    - Improvement in Circulation
    - Stimulation of Fur Regrowth
    - And more!

    Light therapy seamlessly complements existing supplement plans and works well in conjunction with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy for comprehensive and enhanced results.

    Please feel free to ask us any questions or consult with your vet for tailored advice based on your pet's unique needs.

    In the simplest terms, the Red (633nm) and Infrared (830nm) light used in our therapy devices target specific cells within your pet's body. These light wavelengths work together to trigger an anti-inflammatory response, aiding in pain relief and improved healing.

    Additionally, these lights specifically target cells involved in repair and wound healing, expediting the recovery process and providing faster relief from injuries and discomfort.

    See our how it works page for more information.

    Click here to load a large version of our size guide.

    Wavelengths: 633/830nm dual LEDs (Continuous wave, no pulsing)
    Power output: 30mW/cm2
    Treatment Time: 10minutes (auto timer)
    Dose delivered: 18Joules/cm2
    Charging time: 3-4hrs (charging light turns from red to green)
    Input power: DC5V 1A
    Lithium battery
    - Coats - Capacity of battery: 1500mAh
    - Wraps - Capacity of battery: 300mAh
    Charging Cord: USB A / Type C L=100cm
    Number of LEDs:
    - Small Wrap  16
    - Large Wrap  22
    - Small Coat  54
    - Large Coat  60
    LED area coverage:
    - Small wrap - 5.5x7.5cm
    - Large wrap - 6.5x9cm
    - Small coat - 21x25cm
    - Large Coat - 33x36cm

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    International shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout. Please see our Shipping And Returns page for more information.

    Supporting your pet's health and well-being through Light Therapy.

    Experience the healing benefits of HeaLED: Red Light Therapy designed specifically for pets.

    • Relieve Minor Muscle and Joint Discomfort
    • Ease Arthritis and Muscle Spasms
    • Improve Joint Flexibility and Reduce Stiffness
    • Enhance Muscle Relaxation for Soothing Relief

    Help your pet become more active, move around more comfortably, and play longer with HeaLED Light Therapy. Our revolutionary, wearable devices use clinically proven LED technology to target inflammation in joints and muscles, providing immediate, drug-free pain relief with lasting benefits.

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    As seen on Crufts and ITV This Morning

    Experience the non-invasive, drug-free solution that can relieve minor muscle and joint discomfort, ease arthritis and muscle spasms, improve joint flexibility, reduce stiffness, and enhance muscle relaxation for soothing relief. Whether your pet is recovering from injury or dealing with a chronic condition, our LED therapy can provide effective relief and promote overall well-being.

    10 Minutes daily for a happier, healthier Pet. Try HeaLED today and see the difference in your furry friend!

    HeaLED Can Help With

    Pain Relief

    Manage arthritis and joint pain for all ages

    Mobility Support

    Aid recovery and boost performance in active pets

    Calming Effects

    Soothe anxiety and relax nervous behaviour

    Faster Healing

    Accelerate healing of wounds and injuries

    “Every time I recommend HeaLED, the results are fantastic! Everything from quality to price is excellent. I am thrilled with these products”.

    UK-based Vet - Rebecca O’Brien

    Benefits With HeaLED Products

    2 Years Warranty
    Drug Free
    Easy To Use
    Approved Technology

    How To Use HeaLED

    Follow these 4 easy steps to help heal your pet

    Please note: Our LED Therapy Coat is not weatherproof and should not be worn in wet conditions.

    Step 01

    Make sure your device is fully charged and unplugged from the mains power supply.

    Step 02

    Ensure your pet is calm, relaxed, clean and dry.

    Step 03

    Fit or place the device on the problem area, adjusting the Velcro strap until it is comfortable.

    Step 04

    Switch the device ON (hold button for 3 seconds) and allow the device to run for the full 10-minute treatment.

    How HeaLED Light Therapy Works

    HeaLED uses advanced scientific technology tested across the world and is clinically proven to stimulate the healing process on a cellular level.

    What Other Customers Are Saying

    Trustpilot 5 Stars

    Sally Gravil

    21st November 2023


    This was a faultless transaction from start to finish, despite me initially ordering the incorrect size.

    Trustpilot 5 Stars

    Leyanne Gallacher

    21st November 2023

    Bought the jacket for my chow with DJD

    Bought the jacket for my chow with DJD. Would have like it to have a screen showing how much battery was left and a light to indicate when the jacket was on or off. I have been very surprise as all my chows seem to really like the jacket, even the one that hasn't got joint problems. They all fall asleep the second it goes on. Should maybe think of making one without light as a thunder jacket. If I had the money I'd buy them one each!!

    Trustpilot 5 Stars

    Lorraine Watts

    20th November 2023

    Good quality

    Good quality, quick delivery and I think it’s helping my boy recover from injury

    Trustpilot 5 Stars

    Mark j

    10th November 2023

    Treating our Bichon for arthritis …

    I purchased the small coat for our Bichon/Pomeranian Cross who is 9. She suffers from arthritis due to an injury as a puppy. She has taken to using the coat extremely easily, just lays there and allows the light to work its magic. Our physio said that anything that can help with the discomfort and stiffness is worth a try so am pleased to report that so far things are improving. Hopefully this will continue long term

    Trustpilot 5 Stars

    Gary Makin

    9th November 2023

    This product is amazing

    This product is amazing, we bought the Coat and leg wrap and it helps so much, in less than a week we saw a huge change in Poppy.
    Today we have bought two more leg wraps to save time so we can do all three legs at the same time as her back.
    I have also used the Dog coat on my back twice in 24 hours for my long-term back problem and bingo, a 90% reduction in pain.

    Trustpilot 5 Stars


    8th November 2023

    Seems to help my tripaw

    We have a tripaw so bought it initially for him, it's easy to use and he does seem to enjoy it. He does really well and has been on 3 legs since 2020, we bought the wrap to help maintain the health of his remaining front leg alongside his supplements. One of our other dogs started using it last week after she pulled a muscle in her rear leg, I believe it helped alongside pain killers from the vet and rest.
    We've only had the wrap a couple of weeks but it does seem to help, so based on that I would recommend

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here's what you might be wondering about before you buy HeaLED.

    What makes HeaLED the best light therapy device?

    The HeaLED Light Therapy Coat and Wrap stand out as the best choice due to its rich history of research spanning over 30 years. The technology has undergone rigorous testing on humans, providing you with the confidence that it's a safe and effective treatment for your pet. Our wrap was a pioneer being one of the first flexible/wearable units in the market, designed to cover all body areas and securely wrap around joints. Backed by scientific evidence, it uses specifically targeted wavelengths of light (630/830nm) known to stimulate the mitochondria, the 'power generators' in every cell.

    What size do I need to get?
    Can I combine light therapy with supplements, physiotherapy, or other treatments?
    How many treatments should I give?
    How does it work?
    My dog has long dense fur, will the LEDs penetrate it?
    Is HeaLED safe for pets with medical conditions, including pregnancy?
    Does product need batteries, is the product rechargeable or does it plug into the mains?
    Where on the body can you use it?
    What does it feel like?
    Can it be used over bandages/dressings?
    How is it different from Tens machines?
    Can HeaLED treat chronic pain?
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