Our Size Guide for LED Therapy Products

Our wraps and coats are versatile and do not have to be worn but can be placed over the problem areas for the duration of the 10min treatment whilst your pet is resting.


e.g. Rabbits, Cats, Chihauhua, Toy and Tea Cup Breeds, Yorkshire Terrier and smaller crossbreeds.


e.g. Scottish Terrier, Corgi, West Highland Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer and medium crossbreeds.


e.g. Border Collie, Bulldog, Whippet, Bull Terrier, Staff ordshire Terrier, Kelpie and large crossbreeds.

Light Therapy Coat Neck Waist/Chest Length Recommended For
SMALL COAT VIEW PRODUCT 37-57cm 43-75cm 31.5cm pets led size guide icon
LARGE COAT VIEW PRODUCT 50-70cm 50-100cm 42cm pets led size guide icon
Light Therapy Wrap Paws & Joints Length Recommended For
SMALL WRAP VIEW PRODUCT 17-20cm 15.5cm pets led size guide icon
LARGE WRAP VIEW PRODUCT 25-30cm 19cm pets led size guide icon

If you’re unsure which size to order, please message or email us at hello@healedpets.co.uk